Brand Spotlight: Free People

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Brand Spotlight: Free People

Brand Spotlight: Free People

Free People is instantly recognizable with their unique looks - cozy, comfy, casual, stylish but also, adventurous.

 Free People started back in the 70's as a very successful boutique, and eventually evolved into a fashion design company known as Urban Outfitters in the 80's.  Urban Outfitters re-created the Free People brand in the 90's, with a very specific aesthetic intended to represent the young, mid-twenties woman with discerning taste (and disposable income).

The brand utilized the opportunity to showcase their unique looks in major department stores, which was a key element to their successful marketing to their target buyer. Bringing the brand's chic aesthetic to life in well-planned displays at Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's led to the brand's successful relaunch and became one of Urban Outfitter's best selling lines.

Free People remains a brand favorite, and is particularly popular in the secondhand market due to its high quality and high retail value.  Styles vary drastically, so resale value may be significantly different from one item to the next, but the brand itself continues to be one of the most popular searches. 


You can utilize this brand's popularity to direct traffic to your closet.  When you do, it creates a higher likelihood someone will be searching for this brand and happen upon your items for sale, even when they weren't looking for them!  The more you list popular brands, the more eyes you'll draw to your closet.  Look for unique styles that stand out in the feed.

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The Free People Logo is a trademark of Urban Outfitters.

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