Brand Spotlight: L’AGENCE

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Brand Spotlight: L’AGENCE

Brand Spotlight: 

By JoAnna Johnson

One of the best ways to increase your fashion knowledge is to learn about brands that you're not familiar with.  Adding new companies to your "be on the lookout" brands list makes it that much more likely that you'll be able to spot the gems at the thrift store.  

One of those B.O.L.O. brands is Melrose Place boutique brand L'AGENCE.  A favorite among A-list celebrities, this luxury fashion designer brand also opened boutique shops on Madison Avenue and in Soho in New York City. 


Shopping in their store is conducted by private appointment, ensuring individualized high-quality attention and recommendations from the staff.  In addition to their boutique shopping experience, L'AGENCE is also sold in many high-end department stores.  

The company describes their esthetic as, "L’AGENCE embodies the mergence of the Los Angeles effortless lifestyle with an understated Parisian influence. Since the brand’s inception in 2008, the California-based label has maintained its identity while using luxury fabrics and modern designs to produce timeless ready-to-wear for women...Producing 12 collections a year, L'AGENCE is available in approximately 300 doors in the US with major retailers such as Intermix, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, Selfridges, and Harrods (, 2020)." 

L'AGENCE is also well known for their comfortable denim.  Their styles retail for over $250, giving them a better chance at a higher resale value.  Comparable jeans sold on Poshmark showed an average selling price of over $50, often closer to $80 to depending on style.  Their MARGOT jean is a popular style with many sold recently.


Be sure to look for their dresses, blouses and jackets as well as the resale value is even higher for those than their jeans.  L'AGENCE jackets are sought after and are selling for over $500 on secondhand selling platforms! Make sure you keep your eye out for this hot brand!



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