Fabric Care Tutorial: Sprucing Up Suede Ugg Boots

Fabric Care Tutorial: Sprucing Up Suede Ugg Boots

Fabric Care Tutorial: Sprucing Up Suede Ugg Boots

By JoAnna Johnson

Whether you're working on your own boots or ones for resale, proper garment care is necessary to maintain the ideal condition of the boot and look its best.  When it comes to Ugg Boots, and sheepskin and suede in general, proper care is essential.  Cleaning incorrectly can actually destroy the boot entirely!

In my latest YouTube video, I show the step by step process I use to clean Ugg boots to prepare them for resale.  I have cleaned dozens of them and have perfected the art, but it is still WORK.  I can spend a good half an hour combing vigorously to obtain my personal satisfaction of a job well done. 

Others might find this cleaning and conditioning of secondhand goods to be a waste of time, a poor use of my time, or really, just not care about such elements of their business.  My reselling business matters to me, and so does my business' products.  While others may choose to pass on these great opportunities because of the work entailed, but I choose to save as many items from the landfill as I can.  If it means a little work is necessary, I'm okay with that.  Essentially, the choice to clean secondhand goods is a matter of preference.  My business mission includes sustainability practices, and a unwavering commitment to our Earth's wellbeing.  Altruism tends not to be a motivator in business, but maybe it should be.  Besides, who wants to buy dirty, tattered shoes?


Step 1:

Clorox wipe the bottoms and side, carefully avoiding the band/trim.

Step 2:

Clip any long threads and remove pilling from seams.

Step 3:

Brush nap on boots thoroughly, using upward strokes.

Step 4:

Turn down the boot to expose the sheepskin fur.  Comb the fur with a sweater comb (grab yours here.) until fluffy and uniform again.

Watch me show you the whole process in my video here.  


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