Growing Your Reselling Business with Reluxe

Growing Your Reselling Business with Reluxe

Growing Your Reselling Business with Reluxe

By JoAnna Johnson

As an online reseller for many years, I understand how crucial it is to find and utilize new business opportunities in order to maximize my brand/store's online presence, and give my inventory offerings the best chance to find the right buyer.  Sales is a numbers game! The more you list, the more you sell.

It wasn't until recently that I truly realized how narrow minded it is to have absolutely all of my sales come from the same selling platform.  When my favorite selling platform crashed for about two hours a couple months ago, I had the epiphany that I needed to diversify my business and keep a backup of my listings, I.E. my company's virtual revenue, which I had none of at that time.  Most importantly, I realized that all of my eggs were in the same basket, and if that company crashed, so did my business.  It became blatantly obvious that I needed to widen my cross-posting abilities quickly.  

Cross-listing isn't a new strategy for online selling, but it makes such a big difference in the amount of traffic your business is able to generate.  The more eyes on your items the better, even if that doesn't necessarily mean an immediate jump in sales.  Steadily building a consistent web presence is paramount in the ecommerce market. 

The sellers with the most revenue generated are known in their industries and in their communities.  They have a marketing strategy that includes maximum exposure for their business, which means being represented on multiple selling platforms.  Not all buyers use the same platform, so to reach more of them, spread out your listings.

The more prominent selling sites such as Poshmark, Mercari, & Ebay have paved the way for others to emerge as new contenders in the online selling arena.  As I began investigating methods to automate my cross-listing of inventory more, I came across Reluxe Luxury Consignment and their services.  

When I discovered Reluxe Luxury Consignment, I didn't understand what it really was.  I made the mistake of assuming it was exclusively a luxury consignment store, but that's not actually the case.  While Reluxe indeed specializes in selling luxury goods, they also offer an entirely new platform for your items.  Plus, their sales price threshold is lower than you'd expect and is open to all items over it, not simply luxury designer labels.  Check their website at the link below to confirm their current price requirements.

If you have qualifying products over the threshold, both new and gently pre-owned, you can list them on the Reluxe seller portal. You can do so manually for each item, or, if you have a Shopify store, you can link your store to automatically repost all of your products from your store onto Reluxe!  Automation is a huge factor for success in business because it saves time and effort that can be redistributed elsewhere, while increasing the likelihood of uniting buyer and goods.  

In addition to offering a new selling platform, Reluxe also offers authentication certification of luxury goods.  Their experts are able to determine authenticity from photos alone, keeping your goods securely in your arms.  Reluxe provides acknowledgement of authenticity and (offers the ability to verify their findings with a third party authenticator upon request).  If you plan on selling your luxury goods, your resale value is far greater with assurance of authenticity, and it reassures the buyer that the items is indeed authentic.

Whether you're selling luxury goods or not, you can benefit from listing your items on Reluxe.  Your item is automatically cross-posted to 5 or more platforms simultaneously!  All you have to do is be ready for things to sell!

When you item sells through Reluxe, you'll receive notification of the sale with your shipping label.  Send off your product and when the transaction is complete, you'll receive your funds from Reluxe, less their nominal 10% commission, via electronic transfer.  Simple and easy!

Start cross-listing like a pro with Reluxe today!

Photos by Reluxe Consignment

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