How to Efficiently Boost Your Productivity

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How to Efficiently Boost Your Productivity

How to Efficiently Boost Your Productivity

By JoAnna Johnson

Today's topic is productivity . As a business owner, a parent and a petmom, I have a lot to get done each day. I'm willing to bet you're in the same boat! 
Now, since we have a mile-long to do list and people counting on us, productivity is essential. We can't have our kids or pets going hungry because we just didn't accomplish grocery shopping, or our business going under because we didn't find the time to package up our sales. 
That being the case, I have put together some actionable goals for Increasing productivity. Hopefully, these will help turn you into a checklist cross-off queen! 
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Okay, without further ado, here's some killer productivity tips:
1) Get the hell off social media consumption. Yeah, I know. Its counter intuitive to put that one first but honestly, if you're reading this post, its likely because you were scrolling your feed and happened upon it. Random scrolling at every little opportunity is the worst productivity time suck! We use scrolling is a "brain break" activity (whether we are conscious of it or not). Its your subconscious taking a breather, totally unchecked and really, a total waste of your time. Now, that doesn't mean you should cut it out entirely. Rather, you should schedule it. Set aside the time. Set your stopwatch. Give yourself 5 minutes to enjoy it, and then get back on track.
2) Schedule your day. As someone who hates being held to a rigid schedule and often struggles with punctuality, forcing myself into a schedule when I don't have to seemed so lame. Do it anyway. Schedule your time in blocks. Make a plan for each task, designate how long to spend on it and WRITE IT DOWN. I'm planning to take a walk with my husband this afternoon at 3:00. Its on the calendar. 

Reading on from INSTAGRAM? Start here:

3) Self Care is productivity.  You can't pour from an empty cup.  We know this.  Being unwilling to take proper care of yourself is a sign of emotional distress, and what's worse, lack of self care perpetuates that mindset!  Before long, you just don't give a shit anymore.  Why? Because you became apathetic to your own needs! I've been there. 100%. It was a miserable way to live.  You deserve to give love to yourself!  Take a long, hot bath.  Get your hair cut.  Buy yourself a new shirt just because you like it.  You deserve it! 

4) Journaling and Checklists are mandatory for keeping you on track and on task.  I have a hundred tasks to do at any time, so I have to write things down or I forget and get sidetracked.  I don't spend hours journaling everything that happened (that's more like a diary to me) but I do take the time to write out my top priorities for the day, review/plan my schedule and make a note of specific things to remember (like if I saw a cute quote to I plan to share or a book I want to read, etc).  Making a daily checklist helps me organize my time, but really, I love the satisfaction of checking things off the to-do list, don't you?

5) Create a habitual routine and regime.  How long does my makeup take? 3-7 minutes depending if I'm getting fancy or not.  Some might spend a good half hour messing with it, but I have it down to a science and basically just execute the same routine in the same order each time.  I barely have to think about it anymore! Plus, things don't slip through the cracks.  No one wants to forget to put on deodorant before running off to work!

6) Stop doing two things at once.  I know, it seems like multi-tasking is the right idea for us busy people trying to get 'er done.  Splitting focus makes you less effective and therefore, less efficient.  Concentrate on one thing at a time and be swifter and accurate about it.  You'll find that when you're focused you're able to accomplish more in less time.

Thanks for reading my tips! I hope you find this helpful!  What other time management and productivity strategies do you use?


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