How To Make More Sales Online

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How To Make More Sales Online

How To Make More Sales Online: Business Marketing

By JoAnna Johnson

As entrepreneurs, we're all after the same goal: maximum sales for our online businesses.  Regardless if you're a reseller, a coach, an insurance agent, a dentist or a handmade crafter, you must market your business.  Can you sell products and be successful without marketing? Maybe, but how much more successful would your company be with a solid marketing strategy and a clear visual brand design?    

Here's some ways to start building up your business online:


1. Branding & Content Design

You've heard it before, but creating content for your business is vital.  Whether that's digital content, an ad in a magazine, or a video commercial for a paid advertising campaign, showcasing your business well is an essential element.  Use the same fonts. colors and logos to create a image-impression that becomes an easily identifiable correlation with your brand.

Include your brand's visuals in each item of content you create.  Design engaging, relatable, sharable or helpful content that people enjoy.  You don't need to be artistically inclined to make quality content.  There's literally dozens of apps with pre-made templates to use for your design.  My favorites are Canva and PicMonkey.  

Finding ways to represent your business in appealing visuals will help your customer have a clearer vision of your brand and begin the process of trust building, which leads to future patronage.  Remember, marketing is essentially creating a relationship with your potential customer.  

Make your business stand out by creating many different types of content.  If you usually post photos, try making a video.  If you enjoy laughing at memes, make your own that highlight something funny about your niche.  Vary your content to keep your audience interested and wanting to see more from you.




2. Consistent Social Presence

If you are running an online business, it might seem like your sales aren't dependent upon a social presence and are rather an algorithm on a selling platform.  In some respects, that may be true, but there's no question that the most successful online businesses have created a loyal audience for their brand and they consistently market to those people.  Repeated impressions of your brand builds awareness which leads to more customers.

The impression that a strong social presence might not equate to more sales on another platform, it's just that - an impression.  Trackability is essential, and unless you offer some kind of promotion, there's no way to track if your audience are becoming your buyers.  There are analytics to help measure this, but keep in mind that as a whole, having a social presence for your business undoubtedly improves your chances to increase sales.  



3.  Calls to Action

Using simple and effective calls to action starts your customer on the path to 'add to cart'.  We are in sales first and foremost.  The YES for the sale starts with little yeses along the way.  Do you like this picture? Yes.  Do you relate to this? Yes.  Do you like this benefit? Yes.  Do you think this is a good way to do something? Yes.  Don't you just love it when things work out that way? Yes.  By the time you ask for the sale, the customer has been saying yes to you all along and feels that it's just natural to continue that precedent.  

Since we don't have the advantage of selling face-to-face when it comes to online selling, we must be more strategic about how we ask the customer for a yes.  In order to begin asking your customer to act, make it fun and easy!  Take a poll, ask them to answer an OPEN-ENDED opinion-based question, like your photo, swipe right or click a link.  Be clear about your call to action, and only use one call per piece of content. 



4. Cross-posting

You're familiar with the old saying, "never put all your eggs in the same basket."  Cross-post to other platforms if you want to maximize your online sales.  Utilize a cross-posting software if that is available for your type of business.  Spread your business' offerings and content in as many places as possible.  The more visible your business is the better.  Always.



5. Communication & Customer Service

Communicate with your customers (if that's possible for your business).  Direct conversation is another great way to build trust with your potential buyers and more often leads to patronage.  Remember that repeat business is the big-picture goal, and starting a conversation with your potential customers is far more likely to create that scenario than not.

What other ways do you market your business? What has worked for increasing your sales?


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