How to Score When Shopping for Clothing Online

How to Score When Shopping for Clothing Online

Do you love to shop online and get your purchase for way less than retail? Of course you do!  Even the most affluent among us have no apprehension to saving money.  Here's how I shop for clothing online and SAVE BIG.

1.  If it's not ON sale, it's not FOR sale to me! 

I am the kind of person who never shells out for the "regular" price.  While I'm not the crazy coupon lady with a binder full of newspaper clippings, I generally shop "sales" or with some kind of discount.  Some might consider the "deal finder" a lack mentality, as though I can't afford to pay full price because there's just "never enough money."  On the contrary, I prefer to think of it as an abundance mentality - I know there is a way for abundance to flow to me (in this case, an awesome item at a great price) that doesn't always have to include paying the entire price in cash.  

2.  Discovering your best bargain:

There's little way around it - one must follow the sales promotions.  If you want to save on your next purchase (especially if its big ticket), some minor planning and possibly waiting for the perfect timing will make a huge difference in your bottom line.  I am planning to purchase a new living room set right now so I searched for and browsed the current promotions for furniture of the stores nearby.  The Independence Day holiday weekend just happened, so I checked all of those advertisements.  I didn't find my ideal living room set (though I could have scored some killer deals!) so I decided to keep looking.  I know another holiday is sure to bring another wave of deep discounts on future promotions.

3. Slaying the discount game:

First, comparison shopping is crucial.  I read a study about how the vast majority of Amazon's shoppers don't even check one other retailer for the purchase before ordering.  Invest a couple minutes in checking at least one other seller before committing to where you buy your item.  There can be a massive price gap on an item and you can get the same thing for way less with no coupon at all just buy changing retailers.

Second, practically all online sellers have some kind of promo code for something like free shipping, $5 off, 10% off.  It takes a few seconds to google "promo code" for the store's site.  Most of the time, you'll see a dozen codes or more on various discount sites.  I like Retail Me Not.

Third, there's an app for that.  I use a Google Chrome Extension of a discount code application called Honey.  It automatically collects and applies ALL THE CODES without me doing anything! It tries them all until it finds THE BEST DEAL.  The angels sang when I found this app!  Get Honey and save money!

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I hope these tips help you save money next time you're shopping online. 




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