Manifesting Method: Journaling

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Manifesting Method: Journaling

Manifesting Method: Journaling

By JoAnna Johnson

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, its that there is an absolute need to have multiple streams of income in order to obtain financial security.  You might have a great job and make plenty of money, and then one day, the government decides you aren't allowed to work because there's a serious health risk.  Suddenly, you find yourself scrambling for unemployment benefits and other options to support yourself and your family.  Having a plan in place ahead of time can make a surprise circumstance a lot easier to handle.

Now, if you have some money saved, you can weather a few storms without too much trouble, but true financial security lies in INCOME-PRODUCING entrepreneurial pursuits. There's more than just one way to make money.  You can sell your time (to build someone else's business) or sell something else - i.e. goods and services in your own business.  Enter the side hustle. Building a business outside of your regular job is a requirement in order to flourish in today's economic situation.

Whether you're looking to start a side hustle, or you're already a business owner, start with a plan to bring about your desires.  Manifestation does often seem to happen by accident, or by magical mystery, but let's take a more conservative approach to it.  From a down-to-earth human behavioral psychology standpoint, starting with a written plan (words and illustrations of desires, ideas, goals, etc.) causes the likelihood you'll achieve them to jump exponentially.  So set yourself up for success!

Making money in my sleep never gets old!  

Waking up to thousands of dollars in new profit needs to be on your manifestation plans.  If you haven't done it yet, write this down.

I am so happy and grateful to wake up to thousands of dollars in new profit from my many businesses everyday. 

Write it however feels natural to you, but you have to put in your own hand writing.  Reading it, typing it or texting it simply do not have the same energy resonance. It's kind of like the difference between FaceTime and real life.  One is kind of like the other, but there's no replacement for the real thing.

I have a manifestation journal (and board) where I write affirmative statements and put my hopes and dreams into visual form.  This helps my brain to concentrate on the feeling of what it would be like to experience whatever it is I am imagining.  It also gives me a more focused intention.  It's one thing to think of vacationing on a tropical island, it's quite another to see that crystal blue water, jungles and palm trees in a photo. 

Using my mind's eye I think of myself there: looking around as if I am seeing it with my own physical eyes, remembering what the sun feels likes on my skin, the scent and sounds of the ocean...these details make it real in your mind.  There was a time when going on vacation to Hawaii was so far from my financial reality that it was inconceivable.  It happened within 18 months of writing it down for the first time, along with a massive list of other seemingly impossible things I have manifested using the journal method.

Visualization (some might call this "daydreaming") is said to have a similar effect on the brain as meditation, so at very least it's a beneficial activity even for the most skeptical about the law of attraction and manifestation.  Besides, ask yourself:  If I'm not spending time actively thinking about what you want from life, why not? Is there some reason you're not making it a priority?  Maybe you're just out of practice?

Give yourself permission to dream.  Put it all down in your notebook.  Draw it, color it with markers, or add stickers.  Make that page pop with energy! Make it all your own, and make it fun! This activity will reduce any inherent resistance that lurks in your way to seeing your heart's desire appear in your life.

Give it try.  The worst that will happen is that you'll spend a little time thinking about something good, and start identifying what drives and motivates you.  Win-Win!  

Have you tried this method of manifesting?





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