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Straight Styling Long Hair

 Straight Styling Long Hair

By JoAnna Johnson

Today, I'm sharing my love for this beauty tool with you.

I have long, thick hair and its a bitch to blow dry it.  My arms get tired and I start to sweat before I finish the job, so I end up with wavy roots after I already straightened them.  It's annoying and doesn't look good!

Enter this fabulous hair tool invention: The Revlon One-Step Styler.  I know there are a lot of dupes of this tool out there, but I specifically chose Revlon's version because they released it first and I trust in their brand's quality.  The dupes might work exactly the same, but I've seen reviews saying otherwise. 

I've had brush-type hair dryers in the past but they were not even close to how amazing this baby is!  Whether you have thick hair or not, this tool gives a quick blow dry, tons of volume and a flat iron straightened look simultaneously.  What a time saver! 

The barrel of the dryer is ceramic, so it heats up with the warm air.  For my course hair, this works to reduce the length of time to dryness, and giving a smooth finish (because the heat seals the hair's cuticle down).

I use a heat protection spray when it was sopping wet and combed it through.  I love Giovanni, its natural brand and their make great products!  

Have you tried the One-Step Styler before?

If not, and you want to give a whirl, you can grab one here:

Try adding GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir

You can check out my technique in my video.

Don't forget to add this to your amazon wish list or your great gift ideas list!


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